Kate's Cleaning Service story. Kate has been working as a commercial and domestic cleaner since 2008 and she loves it to bits. The clean home is a happy home and that is why she decided to set up her own company to bring high quality of service and joy to her customers . Kate is a professional that will help all customers save time on cleaning and yet she has a rare ability to spot those places that the customers may have missed or areas that may need extra attention. 

Her throughness and dedication gained her customers trust very quickly and at the moment she strenghthen her business by hiring another, equally engaged, cleaner - Danuta. Danuta has over 8 years of experience in domestic and commercial cleaning and very fast has become a fantastic asset to the Kate's Cleaning Service.

The Team that cares. We would like to meet our customers and their homes first before we tailor the time and service for the customers' needs. Our goal is to respond to all cleaning requests in a flexible and timely manner. Our cleaning team is competent and trained in safe and effective cleaning methods. We are treating your home as our own - with care and following all health & safety rules.